Ecole FDI can help and accompany you in choosing schooling options in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Do you come from a foreign country or have little knowledge about the Belgian education system? 

Feel free to contact us and let's find a solution together. 

  • How to enroll in a school in Belgium?
  • Which school to choose in my particular case?
  • The school offers several course options - which one to choose?
  • Can I change the school?
  • What if I risk doubling the year?
  • What to do if academic results are dropping drastically?
  • What to do if I don't feel well in my school?
  • What if I do not pass the graduation exams?
  • What if my actual educational/intellectual level does not meet school standards?
  • I'm about to finish high school soon and I have no idea what to do next...
  • My studies doesn't interest me anymore ... How can I change it?
  • I have health problems and I am often absent from school - how can I integrate better into the class and pass the exams?
  • I am 40+ years old I want to restart my university studies. Is it possible?


Ecole FDI is a team of experienced teachers who also work in national public schools.

Thanks to this, we get and analyze the latest education trends and problems in a wide perspective and with an objective look.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, doubts, or if you only need to be reassured of your academic choices.




1. Evaluation of the situation

2. Our analyze and propositions regarding a schooling option

1. Evaluation of the situation

2. Research of an available school to enroll 

3. Administration of the school change procedure

4. Other procedures 

75 EUR

150 EUR

Free for the ECOLE FDI students