Ecole FDI is a small-size educational organization accompanying pupils and students in their scholar progress and helping them to tackle any academic challenges they have.   

We work with pupils and students in mixed but restricted groups (max. 8 students in a group). This way allows us to pay more attention to everyone’s individual needs and also to create a stimulating and collaborative atmosphere.

What does FDI mean?

One of the most important FDI's learning and coaching techniques is based on these 3 stages:

Facile (Easy), Difficile (Difficult), Impossible (Impossible).

While exercising to pass these stages, a student does not feel so distracted by a pile of material and learns to plan his own time more efficiently.


FDI’s learning material (manuals, books of exercises, tests and simulations of exams) is prepared and regularly updated using the official program of Jury de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles as well as the material of admission exams of national universities.

Furthermore, the FDI's team is composed of qualified professors, always ready to advise and boost their students.